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What we do

Belong works with people who have offended and those who have been victims of crime to reduce crime and the harm it causes. We specialise in enabling positive development, rehabilitation and recovery amongst those who have been victims of sexual offences or violence offences, perpetrators of sexual or violent offences, offenders with mental health problems, offenders with learning difficulties and offenders who are affiliated to or members of gangs. Our services include mentoring, art therapy and restorative justice interventions. We work with children, young people and adults in custodial and community settings.

Service user perspectives

Here are some service user perspectives on our PLAN A programme that we have run at HMPYOI Isis since 2014. The programme is currently being delivered at HMPYOI Feltham.

The programme “helps with development. You get to talk to someone, you’re not gonna express yourself on the wing so it’s good to have a space to do that”

“PLAN A was very helpful and made me think a bit more before doing things. In the art groups I got to put down my emotions in pictures.”

“PLAN A was a life changer. It opened my mind and eyes to the world – I got to meet people who have had different experiences from me and who value me for who I really am. It was like an eye opener for me, showing me different ways of approaching things, and that there are other methods of thinking about things. 1:1: I liked that staff members didn’t judge me. The programme helped change the way I approach things, I now think before I act. I used to give someone one chance and then react physically with violence but I’m different now.”

quote “Since completing PLAN A I feel less stressed, it was really good to have someone to talk to [in mentoring]. The victim awareness sessions made me think of the bigger picture.”

“The one to one support was very useful and resourceful. I got good practical support and guidance - help with my CV, and a disclosure letter cover letter.”

"During the programme I felt like I took some responsibility for my actions.”

“PLAN A was fresh and inspiring to complete. All 3 parts worked well together. Before PLAN A I never really thought there were victims in drug dealing- I saw it as a career and not a crime. I now understand the consequences better. The one to one support opened my mind into further education and going to university.

PLAN A was different from other programmes because it has the art side to it, you can’t always express yourself in words but can in art. In other programmes I often got given worksheets and was told to go away and fill them out, never really then discussed issues. In PLAN A we had conversations to work things out.”

we we do quote "It was the first programme I’ve done where I could draw and talk to express myself.”

“I found the one to one support helpful, practical and encouraging. It helped me to work on my CV and find out about employment.”

“PLAN A made me see sense and think about the effects on victims of my actions”

“The programme helped my understanding of people. It helped me understand better that people are affected, have feelings.”

“As a whole during PLAN A my past behaviour was challenged.”